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A daring narrative structure intended to emotionally captivate the viewer and to hold the
tension for the entirety of the film. In order to achieve this, our director, Kevin Wloczyk, intends
to create a "Movie inside a movie", similar to "The Bubble" (Trailer), emphasizing the reality
behind the mystical film project, but before to long, the terrible truth catches up to our fictitious
filmmakers. To enhance this contrast, we have the option of going into a one-shot halfway
through the film, changing the viewers experience, and throwing them right into the action:
Though this poses a challenge for the cinematic director, it will also present the
films strength, setting the film apart from other productions and causing it to remain in the
audience's memory for a long time.


After receiving an anonymous tip from the dark web, Juls, Jascha and Otto, the three adventurous show runners of “Mystery Hunters”, head to a small town in Romania. Their destination: an abandoned mountain tunnel known only as Object 825. What the filmmakers find forces them to flee the vast tunnel system in a life and death struggle to uncover a horrific truth buried 1,200 meters underground in shaft 18 of Object 825.


250,000 children go missing in Europe every year. The purpose of this film is to shine a light on the countless unsolved missing children cases, with a focus on Eastern Europe.


Although some conspiracy theories are based on truth, at least in part, the trend of spreading conspiracy theories is on the rise, and the ones who weaponize them are often a part of the evil.

We will be filming in Romania where our producer is from. Our goal is to help the local economy and work with the local talents. This would give us the freedom of realizing our movie the way we dream it.

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